One of the key aspects required in promoting peace, social cohesion, and unity amongst people in the society is organising Heritage Day activities continuously. Heritage are the cultural activities, practices and traditions that are passed on from one generation to the next through various cultural items and activities such as: attires, rituals, food, body lotions, hair styles, medication, music, indigenous knowledge, social relationships etc. It is a foundation of all indigenous groups and a vital source of cultural identity.

In South Africa 24 September was previously known as Shaka Day, a day of honoring, celebrating, and preserving the legacy of the Zulu King (uShaka). In 1995 the South African Government decided that the day would be known as ‘’Heritage Day’’. A day where South Africans would celebrate their beautiful diverse cultural heritage that makes up a beautiful rainbow colour.

“In 2005, Jan Scannell (known as “Jan Braai”) started a media campaign proposing that the holiday be renamed as National Braai Day, in commemoration of the culinary tradition of informal backyard barbecues, known as braais.”

As Matthew Goniwe School of Leadership and Governance (MGSLG) is an institution made up of heterogeneous staff with a diverse culture, it is also imperative for staff to assemble and celebrate this historical and crucial day, mean to restore and preserve the South African Identity.

It was for this reason that MGSLG arranged celebration sessions in both of its campuses for its staff members to share, reflect and celebrate the Heritage Day through pleasure and displaying their diverse beautiful heritage colours.

Written by:  Bayanda Magoswana