Empowering educators is at the heart of what we do, and we’re thrilled to introduce you to our comprehensive Teacher Development Course. This page serves as your gateway to a transformative learning experience designed to elevate your teaching journey.

Our team of experienced facilitators and experts has poured their passion into crafting a dynamic curriculum that blends cutting-edge pedagogical practices with real-world insights. From innovative teaching methodologies to classroom management techniques, from fostering inclusive classrooms to leveraging technology for effective learning, our course covers a wide spectrum of topics to empower you for success.

CAPS Curriculum

CAPS CURRICULUM This Module is aimed at empowering and supporting the facilitator to develop the training programmes for the different…

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Project Based Learning

Professional development for teachers on assessment design, process, assessment for learning and use of ICT tools for assessment. Target AudienceAll…

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Rural Education

Professional development for rural schools teachers and GDE officials on multiple subjects and Multigrade teaching to: – Improve access in…

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SSIP Teacher Development

Assist teachers in the priority schools to develop their content knowledge and teaching methodologies to better conduct assessment for improved…

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Three Streams Model

Ensure that learners in 19 subjects, irrespective of their abilities, have the opportunity to develop competences for meeting challenges and…

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