We are embarking on initiatives to strengthen the Matthew Goniwe School of Leadership and Governance (MGSLG) brand and establish our presence in the educational landscape.

Our primary objective is to elevate MGSLG’s public profile and enhance our standing within the education sector, locally and internationally. We are committed to playing an active role in essential platforms such as the BRICS education desk and engaging with similar institutions. By participating in the development of education policies, we aim to contribute significantly to the advancement of education on a broader scale.

I am pleased to share our unwavering commitment to the completion of the establishment of the Matthew Goniwe School of Leadership and Governance (MGSLG) as a higher education institution. This milestone will enable us to offer accredited courses from a registered higher education entity, opening new avenues for learners seeking quality education that aligns with industry standards.

In deploying our resources, we will be meticulous in aligning expertise and knowledge with specific projects. This approach ensures that our dedicated and skilled staff members are placed in roles where they can maximize their impact and add the most significant value. By prioritizing equality in resource allocation, we guarantee that every team member has the opportunity to excel and contribute meaningfully to our collective success.

I am writing to express my gratitude to each and every one of you for your dedication and hard work. Together, we strive towards our vision of producing transformative leaders and shaping a brighter future for our community and beyond.

Thank you for your unwavering commitment to the mission of MGSLG. Let us continue this journey of growth and excellence together.