• Support Group For Teenagers And Discipline


    Rules and laws are important in our country, community, schools and families. Rules and laws also provide us with our rights, freedoms and protection from wrongful or criminal elements. It follows that children also need to learn discipline at an early age so that they can become decent, law-abiding adults. Parents will be provided with practical skills to empower them to instil good discipline in their children and to identify the signs, symptoms and pattern of behaviour that are related to the topical ills affecting adolescents in South Africa today.


    An open platform which has been created for parents to discuss the issue of Teenage Discipline. Each school is expected to establish Support Groups to facilitate the discussion around this issue.


    Parents look at ways in which good behaviour in teenagers is encouraged. This involves drawing up a set of rules for teenagers, ensuring that they know these and understand the consequences of breaking them. Parents become aware of constructive ways of dealing with bad behaviour.


    Parents find themselves in a better position to encourage good behaviour among their teenagers.