• Support Group For Teenage Pregnancy


    Parents are made aware of what Teenage Pregnancy is, and the impact it has on the health and education of learners. Parents are discussing real life sharing personal experiences.


    All parents are encouraged to participate in the support group in order to participate in an open platform sharing. Each school is expected to have a list of parents who are volunteering to be part of the support groups.


    It includes risks of teenage sex the role of parents, information on prevention of teenage pregnancy, for both the parents and the learners, and how to support learners.


    Parents are informed on how to support the learners during pregnancy and inform them about what to expect and what will happen in the delivery .The discussions among parents also inform the parents on the responsibility of speaking to the school and the class teacher. Referrals and different service provider lists are discussed and options for the parents to choose from in terms of need for support are given.