• Support Group For Substance Abuse


    More and more young people are using drugs, tobacco or alcohol whilst still at school because they are readily available in our communities. Teenagers can so easily become addicts. There is a strong link between substance abuse and crimes such as theft and violence against women and children. Once someone has become an addict, it is a long, hard road to overcoming it. Through being a part of this support group parents will be in a better position to notice certain characteristics present in addicts and to get help.


    An open platform which has been created for parents to discuss the issue of Substance Abuse. Each school is expected to establish Support Groups to facilitate the discussion around this issue.


    Creating an awareness of the physical signs of drug abuse and noticing changes in behaviour. Ways of preventing substance abuse in the home and community.


    Parents learn how to recognise the signs and characteristics of addicts. They learn coping skills to help them understand and deal with this problem.