• SGB Hand-Over Process


    The term of the current School Governing Body members ends in March 2015. New SGBs are to be elected in 2015 as stipulated by the South African Schools’ Act of 1996. The Gauteng Department of Education (GDE) and MGSLG have the responsibility of capacitating School Governing Body members on their roles and functions. to carry out this responsibility, MGSLG will be conducting SGB Handover training for the following target group: The Principal, SGB Chairperson, Treasurer and the Secretary.

    Objectives of the Programme

    1. To equip the SGB members with the tools to effectively and efficiently handover all relevant documents and information to the newly elected SGB members.
    2. To assist the SGBs to prepare and collate information, key documents and resources for handover.
    3. To ensure that dates are set for handover and all documents and signatory powers are handed over in the dignity of a meeting of both the outgoing and incoming SGBs.
    4. To encourage the SGBs to study, review and adopt documents.
    5. To ensure that all school governing bodies support and promote the day-to-day running of schools.