• Psycho-Social Challenges In Schooling

    Support Groups

    The Parental Partnership Programme 2014 is aimed at providing parents a platform from which to contribute their support to schools in the nine functional areas of the Whole School Evaluation framework. School Functionality speaks to the improvement of the school environment in aspects covering all areas of the school. Parents are encouraged to share their thoughts, ideas and opinions on how they can contribute to the improvement of quality of teaching and learning. Parents are also encouraged to participate in all important committees of the school and to carry the banner into their homes and community structures. Ultimately, it is envisaged that parents will be supported to widen their participation and become part of an improvement strategy that will contribute directly towards enhancing learner achievement.

    At every workshop session, parents are briefed about the purpose of the Parental Partnership Programme 2014 which is to enable parents to” tell their stories” by becoming part of the support groups in their school. At the end of each session parents volunteer and forward their names to the facilitators who hand them to the school principal for record keeping and a copy is submitted with facilitator report.

    The coaching and mentoring of support groups will be conducted by the School Based Support Teams (SBSTs), the District Based Support Teams (DNSTs). The Project Implementation Team consisting of district officials will provide regular update reports on the establishment and performance of the school-based support groups within their district.Following the workshops, all parents will be provided with updated programme information via their mobile phones. Suitable and relevant podcasts will also be shared via this medium. Parents will be directed via their mobile phones to access the following resources:

    • Uploaded Support Group Content on the MGSLG website and the GDE Portal
    • Lessons learnt and Best Practices from the Support Group Experience
    • Upcoming Events Calendar that will be updated regularly

    At school level, communication flow will be directed from schools to the districts, feeding the district reports related to implementation. Statistical reports will include incidents of the psychosocial issues observed by parents, and those spotted by the school staff and learners, as well as referrals to services outside the school.