• Support Group For Harmful Religious Practices


    Harmful religious practices take place all over the world. Unfortunately, South Africa is no exception. Dangerous practices are often found in religious groups that tend to hold a powerful sway over their members, such as adopting practices of human sacrifice and physical violence. Once someone has become a member of one of these so-called religious groups, they are not allowed to leave and if they try to death will probably result. Young people may be attracted to these religious groups seeing them as a way of attaining their promised salvation. Others are attracted to the power that is perceived to lie in members’ hands. Parents need to be aware of the different types of destructive religious practices so as to notice if their children may be following them and to be in a more informed position to try to prevent them from having such dangerous associations.


    An open platform which has been created for parents to discuss the issue of Harmful Religious Practices. Each school is expected to establish Support Groups to facilitate the discussion around this issue.


    Parents have a chance to learn about the various dangerous religious groups and their harmful practices. They become aware of the signs that children who have joined one of these religions such as Satanism, display. Parents learn ways in which to keep children away from undesirable practices.


    By being able to identify early signs and symptoms of potential problem behaviours, parents can quickly take corrective measures to ensure that a learner’s chance of excelling in school and beyond is supported.