• Support Group For Gangsterism


    Gangsterism is a problem affecting families or communities. Innocent people can become caught up with gangsters and suffer terribly as a result. Teenagers often don’t recognise the dangers of belonging to a gang, thinking it “is cool”. They envy the life-style of the gang leaders.


    An open platform which has been created for parents to discuss the issue of Gangsterism. Each school is expected to establish Support Groups to facilitate the discussion around this issue.


    Looking at factors which may lead a learner to becoming involved with Gangsterism. Parents need to be aware of tell-tale signs that a child is at risk of joining a gang and learning how to try to prevent this from happening.


    Because parents are part of this support group, they become informed of the reasons which may push a child to becoming a member of a gang and learn how to prevent their child from taking this drastic step.