• Geographical Information System Course

    Geographical Information Systems Course

    A group of 60 GDE Geography personnel, consisting of Subject Advisors, HODs and Senior Teachers in the FET Phase are attending Geographical information Systems Course as offered by the University of Johannesburg.

    The course is funded by the ETDP SETA as part of their commitment to building capacity in the field of Education in Gauteng.

    The course was identified specifically to build capacity regarding the teaching of Geography in the FET Phase. Many Geography teachers are struggling to teach the topic and therefore the learners are not performing or progressing in terms of the concept.

    The GIS course is run over a 14 week period with the selected delegates attending once a week for 3, 5 hours divided into a theoretical and a practical component. The course is pegged at a NQF level 7 accreditation and can be used as credits towards an honours degree.

    The purpose of developing the lesson plans is to:

    • Support the teacher in the classroom.
    • Reduce the paper work and administrational load.
    • Ensure that all of the selected teachers are able to work in a structured and organised and professional manner.
    • Ensure that all of the selected teachers are able to keep up with the provided work schedules and year plans and Annual Teaching Plans.
    • Ultimately ensure that the students/learners receive a quality classroom experience in order to ensure improved results.

    Lesson Plan Development

    The Lesson Pan Development process began in 2011 and has proceeded as follows for the FET Phase:

    • 2011- 2012: FET Phase: 6 Non-MST and 4 MST Gateway Subjects (English – FAL, Geography, History, Business Studies, Economics, Accounting).
    • 2012/2013: FET Phase: Development of lesson Plans for 8 African languages.
    • 2013/2014: FET Phase: English H.L, Afrikaans H.L. & FAL, EGD, IT, CAT, Tourism, Hospitality.
    • 2014: FET Phase: Consumer Studies, Design, Afrikaans SAL, Isindebele, Visual Arts, Dance, Dramatic Art, Music.
    • 2014: Senior Phase : English FAL, S.S, EMS, LO