• Early Childhood Development

    ECD Programme Background

    During his State of the Nation Address in April 2007, the President of South Africa specifically referred to the ECD practitioners training and the need to upgrade this constituency into permanent employees in the public service. This training project is one of the mandates of government and a priority linked with the Department of Public Work’s promotion of job creation through the ECD Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP).

    According to the stipulations of the EPWP for ECD, all training within this project should be conducted by qualified, accredited service providers in line with SETA guidelines. The responsibility for training, accreditation, assessment and certification of ECD practitioners within the participating departments is the responsibility of the Education Department as per White Paper 5 on ECD.

    The Constitution states that all children have a right to education. The majority of ECD Practitioners do not have relevant qualifications and as a result it is important to improve their educational status so they can be able to support the growth and development of children, be able to plan activities that stimulate development.