• Support Group For Bullying


    Parents need to have a clear understanding of the meaning of the term Bullying. They need also know what causes a child to be bullied, how to recognise that a child is being bullied and most importantly, parents need to know what they can do to assist the child who is being bullied.


    An open platform has been created for parents to discuss the issue of Bullying. Each school is expected to establish Support Groups to facilitate the discussion around this issue.


    Parents need to become aware that children can be bullied in many ways e.g. through the use of force, words, actions, social exclusion, spreading rumours, sending abusive SMSs and emails. Once parents have become aware that their child is being bullied, they need to respond quickly and strongly. They need to send out the message that bullying is not an acceptable form of behaviour. Parents learn the steps to take to prevent or stop bullying.


    Parents are able to recognise when bullying is taking place and know the steps to take to stop it.