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Introduction of the SGB Multimedia Toolkit

By the end of the SGB Multimedia Toolkit, you will be able to know your roles and responsibilities as a member of the SGB. By agreeing to be an SGB member, you are showing your commitment to improving teaching and learning.

The Purpose Of This SGB Toolkit
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Although some tasks may be delegated to others in the school, accountability is never delegated. The SGB therefore needs to know:

  • what needs to happen
  • by when tasks need to be completed
  • why the task is important
  • check
    how to do the task
  • check
    how to address issues that arise
  • check
    to whom the results need to be reported.


What SASA Says

Full Introduction of this SGB Toolkit


School governing bodies resources 

Here are some documents that may help members of school governing bodies in the day-to-day and legal aspects of fulfilling their duties:

> Guidelines for capacity building of school governing body members

> SGB Guidelines 

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