• Mission Vision And Values


    ...is to be the best training institute in BRICS by 2020.

    Mission Statement

    ...is to provide the highest quality training programmes for School Governors, Principals, Teachers and Parents, using blended learning that includes use of ICT resources and 10-20-70 approach.


    • Hardwork
    • Innovation 
    • Professionalism
    • Productivity
    • Efficiency
    • Discipline


    Strategic outcome-oriented goals and supporting objectives

    For the period 2014/15 to 2019/20 MGSLG has set itself the following four strategic outcome oriented goals:


    1.1  Improved Quality of Training

    Strategic Outcome Oriented Goal 1

    Improved quality of training provided by MGSLG

    Goal Statement

    By 2020 MGSLG will have developed and implemented the HIGHEST quality of school governance, leadership and teacher development training programmes for school governors, principals, teachers, learners and parents that are based on the 10-20-70 principle that uses blended learning driven by ICT.






    ​1.2  Increased Revenue

    Strategic Outcome Oriented Goal 2

    Increased revenue

    Goal Statement

    In order to develop and implement the highest quality of training programmes that are blended, 10-20-70 based and ICT driven, there is a need for financial resources. By 2020 MGSLG will have increased its budget and actual cash flow three-fold.






    1.3  Capacitated Employees

    Strategic Outcome Oriented Goal 3

    Capacitated employees

    Goal Statement

    Improved quality of training requires not only increased finances but also high quality trainers and administrators. By 2020 MGSLG will have recruited and trained high quality internal trainers and administrators.


    1.4  Modernized Processes 

    Strategic Outcome Oriented Goal 4

    Modernize MGSLG internal processes

    Goal Statement

    Training institutions in BRICS are highly modernized including automation and integration. To compete within BRICS there is a need to modernize all internal processes of MGSLG. By 2020 330 internal MGSLG processes will have been automated and integrated.


    To realize each of the four strategic outcomes oriented goals, five Strategic Objectives have been set as programmes which are further clarified through 34 sub programmes



    Programme 1 :


    Provide overall strategic management and support of training in accordance with the Companies Act 71 of 2008, the Public Finance Management Act 1 of 1999, and other relevant legislation and policies. There are nineteen sub- programmes under programme 1.


    Programme 2 :

    School Leadership and Management

    To train Circuit managers, Cluster Leaders, Principals, SMT members and RCL members in school leadership and management





    Programme 3 :

    School Governance


    To train Parents, School Governing Body members in School Governance



    Programme 4:

    Teacher Development

    To train Teachers in every subject in each grade in each phase. The programme has the following four sub-programmes with each sub-programme addressing each of the four strategic objectives of Teacher Development: Pre-GradeR Practitioners, GradeR Practitioners, Teachers and Curriculum Development Facilitators.

    Programme 5:

    Special Projects

    Training Programmes that cuts across all other sub programmes indicated or training targeted for non-school stakeholders. There are two such programmes: ICT Programme and Out of School Learners and Youth Development Programme.


    The purpose of ICT Training programme :

    is to train everyone in the schooling system including Learners, Teachers, Heads of Departments, Deputy Principals, School Governing Body Members, Parents, Community Members, District Officials and Head Office Officials amongst others.


    The purpose of the Out of School Learners and Youth Development Programme:

     is to train unemployed youth in life skills.